The Three M’s You Probably Didn’t Know About For Your Startup

Quiet now! Lesson Two of How To Be A Boss Ass Slutrepreneur, is in session. 

Today’s lesson involves the concept of the “Three M’s” to running a successful online business. When influencers share stories, upcoming projects and promotions, and a the occasional #throwbackthursday you may notice that these posts are crafted and uploaded in a meticulous manner. These influencer’s have a formula set in place ahead of time to ensure that they are turning out their content in a timely and effective fashion. This type of formula can easily be crafted to help ensure consistency and timeliness across your brand and your social media platforms. While crafting the perfect formula for your business can be achieved, sometimes it’s hard to stay accountable and keep consistent with your plan. To help keep you on track, and give you some areas to focus on, let’s dive into the “Three M’s”


Once you’ve got your branding vision nailed down for your business it’s time to begin to curate and grow your social media presence. If you ask us which social media platform you should showcase your business on we’ll gladly tell you all of them. Each platform has a different set of audience members that your business could potentially reach. Yes, you may need to focus on a smaller number of platforms in the beginning, and then grow from there, but you should still ensure that you have secured your business handle across all platforms. Also, the more social media platforms that you are consistently present on the less you’re putting all of your eggs into one basket. If you only have a strong presence on TikTok and then all of a sudden one day your account is banned that could hinder your business. However, if you have a consistent presence on other platforms then your audience probably already has your business followed elsewhere and won’t lose connection with you. Whatever platforms your business finds itself on remember that consistency is key and will continue to help increase your audience size and engagement from your followers.    


Marketing is a key way, and one of the largest ways, to promote the products and services you offer. Every product and service fixes a problem. Make sure to showcase what problem your business solves. Are you an Only Fans model who’s pictures will keep your clients happy all night long? Are you a virtual girlfriend who will text your clients when they’re having a bad day? Do you have super colorful bongs that will help your audience light up both their mood and their stash? Let your audience know exactly how you can help them with your marketing.

Sometimes, especially when you’re a Slutrepreneur, you may feel like our industry is overly saturated with talent. Don’t automatically jump into thinking that this is a bad thing! It’s quite the opposite. With so much talent lends the ability to collaborate with other sluts. This may be cross promotion where you both promote each other on your platforms to your respective followings, or you may grab your bestie and get both of your audiences ready for a while ride and some hot content that they're about to pay you for on your Only Fans. There’s always ways to increase your exposure while building strong and professional business relationships within the industry. The more you hustle, remain true to your brand, and run your business with the integrity it deserves the faster and more authentically your audience will grow and your marketing will become more effective. 


Have you ever heard of the phrase, “content should feed more content”? What does this mean exactly? Let’s go back to last week when we said you were in the business of selling custom used clothing, lace panties to be specific. Rather than taking photos in them every week to upload, utilize the time you're spending doing your shoot to create more content than just your still photos. Switch it up a bit and promote this week by using a video of you rolling around on your bed in them. Make short clips and videos that you have to sell as “exclusive clips”. Take some photos in pairs that you’re selling that are a special “limited edition” price. Give your audience reasons to keep wanting more. Also, make sure to check back at a later date when we go into detail on how to batch your content so you are maximizing, while also minimizing, the time it takes to create a large batch of content you have to roll out over a longer period. This is your business and being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to mean that you create new material day in and day out. Get creative with your workflow and consider utilizing a content scheduling software to assist in maximizing your productivity.

We hope applying the “Three M’s” to your business will begin to help you on your journey of skyrocketing your sales. For more ways to be a badass business owner be sure to follow along by joining The Slutrepreneur Squad Facebook group (which can be easily found at There you will receive updates as new blog posts go live. 

Until next time, 

Happy Marketing Sluts!