Slutrepreneur 101!

Between Covid isolation and unemployment numbers being at all time highs in the last year, many people are looking to find alternative forms of employment. Some are looking for freelance work online while others are looking towards starting a business. For some it’s not just any business.. it’s the adult entertainment business. 

Welcome to the inside scoop of being a proper Slutrepreneur

So what exactly is a Slutrepreneur anyway? Well, for starters, it takes serious entrepreneurial energy to get started. Being an entrepreneur means being in business with yourself, and needing to devote the majority of your energy and skills to your business. It takes diligence and dedication to your work- to your art! It can be one of the most rewarding and daunting experiences a person can enter in their career moves. 

A person who desires to be in business with themselves in the great big world of sex work, is what we call a proper Slutrepreneur. This coined term was famously pronounced by Ana Dee; the mother of the mothership, first of her name, Guardian of Onlyfans, and Goddess of TikTok content creation.

A Slutrepreneur doesn’t take shit from anyone. Their confidence is unmatched and they embrace their bodily autonomy to the highest degree. A thriving Slutrepreneur does not fetish or kink shame, but is rather open to dipping into the endless pools of opportunity presented from the(ir) audience. This person has drive and is well aware of their limits to speak up for themselves when clients cross a line. 

Here are three things you need to consider before making the decision to become a Slutrepreneur...

Body Positivity 

This doesn't just mean feeling good about yourself in a swimsuit; this means completely embracing what different bodies all over the globe represent. In an industry that is dominated by women, engulfed in a culture of fat shaming, toxic diet culture, and colorism, it is imperative that you as a new Slutrepreneur, recognize that all people have a place at the table. This could mean joining various groups on social media, or giving a shout out to other creators on Twitter who have totally different ideas on content and fetishes from yourself. Even before starting with what you imagine your target audience to be, you will need to seriously own your imperfections, or rather what you perceive to be your imperfections. Nothing in this world is perfect, but there will always be the desire to feel more than you already are. In the adult industry, people can tear you apart a lot faster than they can lift up your spirits about your body. The second that you decide to put yourself out there, you need to wear a belt of confidence and total acceptance to keep your mental health safe and sound from all of the noise. What someone else deems to be yuck, is just another person‘s yum. Embrace what you have, and get to creating the empire you desire!

Understand your weaknesses

Not everyone who wants to be in this industry feels as confident in their camera skills as they would in marketing skills. That’s totally okay! For one thing, you can always hire help to grow in your new business; and additionally you don't have to know it all in the beginning to get high quality ticket subscribers. Sometimes it's the ones who know exactly how to put out content regularly that make the greatest numbers, than those with fewer more elaborate posts. Normally, it’s the Slutrepreneur’s who post content more regularly that make bank compared to those who feel like they can’t post until their content is perfected. Remember that some of your weaknesses and hardships in life can lead to being the greatest driving factor to your success

Know your F*ing Worth

Let’s talk about positive self talk and affirmations. Disclaimer: if you are not of the mindset that everything you perceive to be obtainable, will flow in abundance to you, then this may not be the right career move for you just yet. Money manifestation comes directly from knowing your worth. Period. If you are a person who believes that they are only worth 40k a year, then you will likely only open up your bank accounts to just that amount. When you don't know your value, you lack direction on exactly how much to charge for your products and services. People are pushy and will walk all over you to get as many freebies as they possibly can. Price your services to mirror your value and manifest that money baby!